Thursday, February 14, 2008

IPTV at the Coppock Household

The day has finally arived! A box shipped today from the company we've chosen to replace Charter Communication as our TV entertainment provider. We chose Sky Angel ( due to the now available Family Package along with their Faith Package. We were blowing through about $80/month to have digital cable (expanded basic). Now, through our broadband connection, we are watching TV over our home network. (They even have the Miliary Channel and NFL Network!) And the best part so far is that the commercials are not offensive, violent, sexually suggestive, or in any way a thing that would cause myself or my wife to yell out, "Close your eyes!" or "Don't look!" We are a family that loves God, and chooses to please Him. We couldn't be happier with our choice to drop cable and go with IPTV. If you are interested, you'll look at the price difference. I don't want to post them; I am not trying to be as salesman for them.

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