Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trouble with Report in Browser

I'll try to make this clear and concise. I have a report that has 2 required parameters. When run from the Reports site, the user picks the first parameter, then the browser refreshes with a drop-down list populated with values that are dependent on the resultset from the first parameter. This all works perfectly, until I want to call the report from an outside application.

The 1st drop-down list is populated from a dataset with all Load Numbers.
The 2nd drop-down list is populated from a dataset with Order Numbers associated with that Load Number.

Do do this, I have to use the ReportServer site. It works from here too when I pick a Load Number from the drop-down list, or when I manually enter the first parameter into the querystring (address bar) with something like: &MyLoadNumber=9999

The report will load correctly when I choose the 2nd parameter from the drop-down list and click the View Report button.

The problems creep in when I add the second parameter on the querystring like &MyOrders=BR549 - The browser goes out and gets the report, but what I get back is the report asking me for the 2nd parameter, even though it is right there in the querystring!

I know it is a problem that the 2nd parameter isn't requested until the 1st one is loaded correctly, and the dataset for the 2nd parameter has the 1st parameter as a required parameter for it.

If you are reading this and you know what I can do to solve this, please post a comment. I'll be sure to tell my boss you helped me! ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Emergency Preparedness Plan

EPP: We should all be ready with an emergency prep plan. Who knows what is in store for us in the days to come? We need to keep our faith up and look to Christ to strengthen us, and we need to do our part! Keep our lanterns filled with oil, and have oil ready for others who need us.