Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ProjectServer 2007 Project Not Showing In Project Center

This one had me stumped for over a week! (Embarrased about this, now that I know how easy it should have been.)
Could see project from Project Professional by viewing Project Center.
Could *NOT* see project from PWA by viewing Project Center.
Make sure you posted project to correct PWA server. (use profiles if necessary)
  1. Open Project Professional
  2. Click File - Open - (choose "Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server" in the list of previously opened projects) and click Open
  3. Choose Project from list (if project does not appear, you have connected to the wrong PWA source)

Now: Choose File - Publish (it's that easy!)

To create profiles:

  1. Tools - Enterprise Options - Micorosoft Office Project Server Accounts
    or Alt T - E - P
  2. Make sure your URL appears in the list with your domain name as the name used in the project --- if not, click Add and complete the form as needed
  3. If you have multiple PWA sources, choose the "Manully control connection state" radio button on this utility

Happy Servering!


simplement said...

Thanks, I was quite chagrinned as well :) I think the hang up is that saving to a project server is just that--using Project Server as a central data repository.

A project appears in teh Project Center only when it has been published. PWA is only affected by the Publishing of a project not by the saving. You can set the name of the project that will appear in PWA (project web access) during the publish action from MS Project Professional.
So it is possible by design to save a project to the server, have it visible to retrieve from within Project Professional AND NOT BE ABLE TO SEE IT IN THE PROJECT CENTER. Thanks again, mac

LotusGem said...

Saved me a headache.

I am trying to learn Project Server 2007 development, and I am winging it when it comes to the User side stuff.

Glad you did this post.